Secure File Deleter Pro 74.0 Crack 2023

Secure File Deleter 74.0 Crack Latest Version Full Free Download 2023

Secure File Deleter

Secure File Deleter Pro 74.0 Crack is a completely free piece of software that will permanently wipe the contents of deleted files so that they no-one will ever be able to recover them, even with the use of special government or security agency tools, to secure your privacy and peace of mind.

Deleted files are overwritten using random data using a variety of different security algorithms designed specifically to ensure the contents of your chosen data are totally destroyed forever and are totally unrecoverable.

Secure File Deleter

Key Features:

  • 12 cryptographic algorithms for maximum security.
  • You can overwrite the data repeatedly for 1-50 times (for maximum privacy).
  • You can make the deleted files to appear to be empty.
  • Rename the files into randomly chosen file names to prevent someone from guessing about the content of the files.
  • You can delete the times of creation, modification, and last access to the deleted files.

Secure File Deleter is easy to download and install and the interface features a simple but very user-friendly interface. Users need little or no technical skills to get the most out of this utility. A word of warning needs to be issued at this point, however.

Secure File Deleter

What’s New

Secure File Deleter is also fast. Unlike many of its competitors, Secure File Deleter can permanently wipe chosen files in just a few seconds or minutes because it doesn’t have to wipe all the free space on your hard drive to gain maximum results. Instead, the program launches itself at the moment of deletion when you select a file that still exists. In doing so, the program knows the exact location of the file to be deleted, and it can wipe its contents very quickly, negating the need to process the entire disk in a length hours long time-consuming process.

Secure File Deleter uses a variety of military-grade security algorithms to ensure that your files aren’t just randomly deleted but instead use algorithms of pure destruction ensuring that deleted files will be unrecoverable, so your information remains physically secure. Even powerful magnets won’t be able to recover anything. Secure File Deleter has received several industry awards. And Robo, the company behind it has been in the software business since 2012.

Secure File Deleter

System Requirments:

For Windows 7
For Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

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How To Install?

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5: Follow The Instructions.
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