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IOTransfer is a small but powerful tool for transferring and managing content on iOS devices. It lets users manage their content freely on a PC or an iOS device. It is made for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, among other iOS devices. With Transfer, it’s easy to move files from your device to a Windows PC. It can be heartbreaking to think that you could lose everything on your iOS device and find out that you never backed up anything.

IOTransfer is a tool that can be used to scan and clean the iOS system so that devices always run quickly. By using Transfer’s “clean” function, you can get rid of useless data and free up more space. It is important to transfer and back up your data often because accidents can happen and people are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile devices. The transfer is a useful tool that can safely move apps, books, voice memos, and other files from your iOS device to your PC. It can also move your music, photos, and videos.

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The Video Downloader tool is one of the best things about IQTransfer. This lets you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other popular video sites. You can not only download them, but you can also save them to your PC or straight to your iOS device in the best resolution supported. IOTransfer makes it easy and quick to move photos from your iPhone and manage them. You can save copies of all the photos in your albums on your PC.

You can also move any pictures you want from your computer to your iOS device. It lets you back up your pictures on a PC without having to install iTunes, which is very useful if you have more than one kind of music player on your PC. The program also has a powerful way to send many music files at once. The people who made IOTransfer Studio say that this is the fastest way to move music from one iPhone to another.

IOTransfer Updated 2024

The new and improved version of IOTransfer makes it easier than ever to move important iOS data. It also adds some new features, like a GIF Maker, and improves the Video Converter and Contacts features. So, users can now make unique GIFs in a matter of seconds and import or export their Outlook and Google contacts in CSV format. Want a video converter that is easy to use? This will let you drag and drop files to add them. With IOTransfer 3, it’s easy and quick to move music, videos, photos, podcasts, books, and voice memos between your iOS device and your PC.

Even though IOTransfer is all about moving files from one device to another, as the name suggests, it does a lot more than that. First, it has an online video downloading feature that lets you save any YouTube video you want to watch later and move it to a separate device so you can watch it whenever you want, even when you’re not online. There is also a very good tool for cleaning up. If you have old bits of data on your iPad or iPhone from apps you downloaded in the past but then deleted, the system will find them and get rid of any leftovers from the device’s memory.

Move photos and movies from an Apple device to a PC, Mac, or Windows computer:

  • With just one click, you can send selected photos to your PC, Mac, or Windows computer.
  • Freely convert HEIC to JPG in groups on PC, Mac, and Win.
  • Move the movie from your iPhone or iPad to your PC, Mac, or Windows computer.
  • You can delete photos directly from your iOS device on your PC/Mac/Win without using iTunes.
  • You can easily get to your Camera roll, photo albums, and iCloud-shared photo albums.

Move photos and movies from an Apple device to a PC, Mac, or Windows computer:

  • Messages and iMessages can be sent between iOS devices with just one click.
  • Move contacts from your iPhone to your computer.
  • Transfer contacts from your iOS device to your PC.
  • Manage your phone’s contacts, messages, and iMessages with ease.


Key Features:

  • Download videos from the web.
  • Move and save your important data.
  • Keep your movies and videos.
  • Move photos from an iPhone to a PC.
  • IOTransfer deletes iOS photos safely.
  • Manage the photos on your iPhone when transferring.
  • With just one click, you can put music on your iPhone.
  • Handle iPhone apps while transferring.
  • Manage iBooks.
  • Transfer voice memos.
  • Handle videos on an iPhone.
  • Clean your phone like a pro.

System Requirments:

  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Disk space: 4.0 GB.
  • Windows: 10/8.1/7.
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster.
  • Display resolution: 1360 x 768 with True Color.

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What is New In?

  • The newest and best scheme works with iOS 12 because it lets you move and control iOS content. This makes it easier, faster, and safer to record online.
  • This new image-cleaning program can help you find duplicate photos on your iOS and PC devices and delete them or make copies of them so you can make more room.

How To Install It?

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