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EasyMorph Crack is a data manipulation tool that helps transform and analyze data quickly in a visual way. You can design data transformations with EasyMorph faster, compared to writing scripts in manual scripting languages.

As anyone who has read anything on my blog that relates to survey data knows, the number one impediment to success with Tableau is getting your data “just so.”

Until recently I recommended two different approaches. You can either use Alteryx and have a rock solid, robust, fully-featured, (and expensive) solution or you could have a somewhat rickety, cumbersome, free solution using cross-database joins in Tableau.

Thanks to the advice of fellow Zen Master Rob Radburn, I now know about a third alternative, EasyMorph. Based on my brief time working with the product, EasyMorph appears to be solid, robust, full-featured, and costs somewhere between free and not-at-all expensive.

In this blog, I’ll show you how to take the same data set I use in all my classes and get it set up so that it works perfectly with Tableau.


Key Features include:

  • Command line mode Run EasyMorph projects from the command line. Integrate EasyMorph with enterprise ETL tools and other applications.
  • Auto-documentation EasyMorph automatically generates a readable formatted description of all transformation logic in plain English.
  • Import and Export EasyMorph lets you merge data from various sources. Export transformation results, if needed. The current list of supported data sources includes Native DB access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite.
  • 30+ transformations You don’t have to have programming or SQL skills as EasyMorph offers 30+ built-in transformations which allow designing a transformation logic of almost any complexity.

EasyMorph allows you to transform data visually, unlike SQL, Visual Basic, Python, SAS, or Qlik. It does this by applying a filter or joins operations to data, step by step.

EasyMorph has an intuitive interface that can easily be navigated by users of all levels of expertise. Just the same as in spreadsheets, text, and numbers can be mixed in the same column. Simultaneously EasyMorph operates like a database, where tables can be filtered, merged (joined), and aggregated correctly even if table size changes. These features allow for robust, transparent, and error-proof spreadsheet data processing with zero chance of errors.

Overall, designing data transformations with EasyMorph is a great tool to use as it’s much faster and easier, compared to writing scripts and macros.


Data transformation

  • Data preparation for reports and dashboards.
  • 90+ actions for merging, filtering, aggregating, matching, and many more.
  • Import/export from/to databases, spreadsheets, files of various formats.
  • Support for cloud databases hosted at Amazon, Azure, or Google.
  • Advanced non-relational transformations (e.g. Pivot/Unpivot, Regexp, or Fuzzy Matching).
  • Data quality guards to prevent “dirty” or inconsistent data from propagating.
  • Automatically generated documentation in plain English (see example).



  • Replace VBA macros or various scripts with visual workflows in EasyMorph.
  • Schedule tasks or trigger them manually.
  • Run external programs, execute batch and PowerShell commands.
  • Copy/rename/delete/unzip/download files.
  • Create data-aware, rule-based alerts.
  • Send e-mails with attachments.
  • Arrange conditional IF…THEN…ELSE workflows.
  • Automate common or repetitive actions using parameters, subroutines, and loops.
  • Publish to Tableau Server, generate TDEs.
  • Integrate using EasyMorph Server API.


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