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Output Messenger 1.8.6


Output Messenger 1.9

The software is a secure and private business communications service that will give your team and employees the freedom to chat, talk, share and collaborate together from anywhere, on any device.

Output Messenger is an on-premise and cloud-based LAN messenger and office chat solution that allows users to communicate with colleagues and team managers through a one-to-one chat.

Output Messenger has been specifically designed for helping to keep remote people and multiple offices working together, in sync.

Output Messenger 1.8.6

What’s New

Users can manage Instant Messaging, Group Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat, A/V Conferencing, File Transfer, Desktop Screen Sharing, Internal Mailing, and Announcements all from one, easy-to-use service with a free accompanying app for computer, smartphone or tablet that operates on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Web Browser.

The features of the software are all tailor-made to improve collaboration among team members to work together more efficiently and productively.

Aside from the regular messaging functionality, the software offers various options such as Offline messaging, Off-the-Record Chat, Multiple Views, Chat Shortcuts, Preset Messages, Chat log, Cross-Platform Sync, Active Director Integration, API for 3rd part integration, Delivery notification, and Push Notification for Mobile.

The On-premise Chat Server guarantees security, speed, and flexibility in its configuration, allowing businesses to customize the service as they need, and keep sensitive data within an office environment.

Output Messenger works within Office LAN, WAN, VPN, Multiple Sub Networks, Terminal Service and Internet. The Client and Server apps are very easy to install and configure without the need for network administrator assistance.

Output Messenger 1.8.6

Output Messenger Features

  • Instant LAN MessagingCommunicate instantly with your colleagues, team/project leads through One-to-One chat and Group Chat securely within your LAN (Local Area Network).Instant Messenger Group Chat
  • Voice and Video call to the next level of communication through Video Conferencing which lets you meet virtually face to face and collaborate in real-time.Instant Messenger File Transfer
  • File TransferShare files of any kind from your Desktop or anywhere in the office network through Drag and Drop. File transfer can be controlled by the Administrator for security purposes.
  • Multi-Device SupportOutput LAN Messenger is accessible on multiple devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and directly on your web browsers.

Output Messenger 1.8.6

Key features include:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Group Chat, Custom Group
  • Announcements, Chat Room
  • Voice & Video Calls and Conferencing
  • Desktop Screen Sharing
  • OTR (Off-the-Record)
  • Message Delivery Notification
  • Internal Mailing
  • Notes
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Restrict Communication
  • Web browser based Server administration

Output Messenger 1.8.6

System Requirements:

For Windows 7
For Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Output Messenger 1.8.6

How To Install?

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